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Blast Clean

Monel Spray

Degreasing Submersible Oilfield Pump Internal Parts

Automatic Parts Degreasers and Cleaners: Place parts in washer, close door, start timer, parts rotate in the jet spray, then unload after timer stops

Impellers and Diffusers

Impellers, Diffusers

Aqueous based washers degrease internal submersible pump parts like impellers, diffusers, and rotors. The washers are available in front loader and top loader styles. Parts are placed on a table to be rotated in the jet spray from the side, top, and bottom. The spray water containing industrial, cleaning chemicals is heated in its tank, and is recycled through filters before reuse. The wash cycle timer automatically stops the wash process. Typical washers are shown below.



HD-2836 Front LoaderHD-2836 Front Loader

HD-3740 37" dia x 40" high work

HD-3740 37" dia x 40" high Work

HD-6033 Top LoaderHD-6033 Top Loader


Part of the model number is the size. 2836 is 28" diameter turntable, 36" is the maximum work height. High Pressure, manually directed washers are also available.



High Pressure Manually Directed Spray Wand Cabinets or Booths

Destop Model

Desktop Model

Powered Detailed Cleaning

"Car Wash" spray in a Cabinet

"Pressure Washing" cleans faster and better than hand washing.

Intense Cleaning

  • 800-1000 psi manually directed, 1200-3500 psi with fixtured work holding

  • Direct the spray where needed

  • Uses heated water with more concentrated soap solutions for faster cleaning

  • Turbo and special nozzles available

  • Easily flushes out blind holes, manifolds, oil passageways, threads

  • All washers filter the solutions


Sspray Gun

Various High Pressure Washers

Floor Model Combination jet spray and high pressure High pressure spray booth

Pressujre Washer Cabinets

Presssure Washer Booths

Floor Model High Pressure Washer Cabinet Combination Jet Spray Washer and High Pressure Manual Touch-up High Pressure Spray Booth. Place anywhere.


Parts Cleaning Soaps

Mar-Tek 218

Soap is as critical as the wash machine. The chemical cleaners were developed for these washers. The essential industrial detergent elements are shown below.

  1. Anti-rust protection for the steel cabinet and components.

  2. Water soluble and operator and aluminum safe.

  3. Not highly caustic. Not a strong emulsifier which dissolves and retains the heavy metals and the oils from the work in the water.

  4. Contains positive cleaners and wetting agents to degrease and to prevent re-deposition.

  5. Does not leave a heavy film of economical basic builders like soda ash on the work.

  6. Does not foam. Works well starting at 140 degree F. Lets oil rise to the surface where it can be skimmed off.

  7. Has reasonable shelf life to minimize agglomeration.

  8. Has Long term cleaning effectiveness.

Our most popular soaps are-

218P - General purpose powdered cleaner/degreaser for use on steels, cast iron, stainless, and aluminum. Contains rust inhibitor to prevent flash rusting.

1080L - Liquid soap with similar characteristics as 218.

233L - Liquid rust inhibitor to give moderate protection for rinsing and washer protection.

Many other soap formulations for more special applications are available. Credit cards are accepted.


Bake Degrease to Dry Clean





Heat is used to flash off the oil and grease from the internal pump parts. The resulting smoke is completely burned off by the ovens "after burner" leaving only a small amount of ash in the oven. No water or chemicals are required. The heat also decomposes the phenolic seals in the pump impellers making blast cleaning quicker and more thorough.

Bake Degrease Oven Open Oven

The Bake Degrease Oven can also effectively dry submersible pump rotors and decompose the absorbed oils into a dry, brittle, substance that is easy to bead blast away without bleeding back after blast cleaning. Most of the external oil can be removed by washing before baking to further reduce the time required to bead blast. Ovens can also be used to dry any remaining moisture left between rotor laminations after the washing process.


For more information, see Washers, High Pressure Washers, and Bake Degrease at www.cleanproducts.com

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