Oilfield Submersible Pump Manufacturing and Service/Repair Equipment by Clean Products Inc.

Incoming Pumps

Internal Pump Parts

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Wash & Flush


Blast Clean

Monel Spray


Degreasing Submersible Oilfield Pumps Prior to Disassembly Tear down.

Degrease incoming Submersible Pumps efficiently with less water. Washers recycle the wash water.

Submersible Pump Motors


Pass-thru Washers


Automatic Spray Washer

Pass-thru Pump Washer

Automatic Spray Washer

Automatic Pass-thru Washer

Incoming oilfield submersible pumps are placed on roll conveyors and moved through the jet spray by the powered wire mesh conveyor inside the washer. The hot wash water is filtered, reheated, and reused. The hot water on the work flash-dries.


Pump Pass-thru Washer

The pump "ID Flush Washer" pumps wash water through the incoming pumps, settles the sand out, and floats the crude oil so it can be skimmed off. 4x8 Pump flush and recycles the fresh water. High Production Pump O.D. Pass-thru Washer.



WBR-300 Washbay Recycler - Degrease oilfield submersible pumps


Pressure spray wash and reduce wash water useage by recycling the wash pit water.

The WBR-300 Pressure Wash reduces water usage by recycling the washbay wash water. The water is returned to the washer tank by a sump pump placed in the wash water pit. The used wash water is filtered, skimmed, and reheated before being reused. By recycling, the water can use a stronger solution to clean more quickly. The WBR-300 also uses a high volume pump and a high pressure pump. The high volume-low pressure wand can be used to quickly wash off most of the work and follow up with the high pressure wand on the difficult areas.

Washbay Recycler Washer

Washbay Recycler Flow Diagram


HP-7860 - High Pressure Pass-thru Wash Booth that catches and recycles the wash water as the subpumps travel through the booth on a roll conveyor. It can also clean baskets of parts on the conveyor.


Waste Water Evaporator

Evaporation reduces the amount of water disposal by up to 95% from the parts washers. Electric and gas fired evaporators, 50, 150, and 300 gallon units are available.

EV-50 Evaporator EV-300 Evaporator

50 gallons - process in 8 hours

300 gallons in 10 hours


Additional information on washers and evaporators at www.cleanproducts.com or call 405-382-1441

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